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Ankit Passi

👋🏾  Hi, there! I am a Product Designer and 3D Artist looking to expand my horizons, find new challenges to solve, and create memorable experiences

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UX Study / Web / Organisation Project

Test Platform - Product Study

Redesign of the Test-taking platform to solve the usability problems and create better experiences among the people.

UX Study / Web / Organisation Project

Codelysis - Product Case Study

Redesign of the Advanced coding simulator to solve the zero score problem and create better experiences for test-takers.


3D / Augmented Reality / Personal Project

SpaceNest AR - Product Study

SpaceNest AR is an AR-enabled application that lets you explore our solar system and learn about all planets.

Download SpaceNest AR from Google Playstore

Videogame UX

3D Renders Collection


About Me

Certified UX Professional from Georgia Institute of Technology, HKUSTx, and IDF.
Currently creating experiences @ Mercer | Mettl

I am fascinated by all things psychology, design and new technologies, and I love the idea of creating products and experiences that can leave a positive impact on someone's life for the better.

I've been a freelancer, visual designer, full-stack developer and avid Hackathon enthusiast.

I'm now trying to help, mentor and guide new designers to the ever-expansive world of User Experience (UX).


Currently, I am exploring the UX design implications in Meta-verse and Augmented Reality (AR) and how it contributes towards creating engaging experience among the people.


Read more about me.

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