Hello there! I am

Ankit Passi

Sr. Product Designer & UX Researcher

Portfolio v6.0 | Random Fact
Did you know, Brazil's iconic yellow-blue national soccer jersey is actually designed by a young designer who was an avid supporter of their eternal soccer rivals - Uruguay. Fascinating, right?

Projects & UX Tools

These are some of the side-projects that I've created over the years, to experiment and expand my skillset

Microcopy Archive

An open-source repository for all content related to UX writing and Microcopies for your product or website needs.

Dynamic Wallpaper Bundle - Ghost of Tsushima

Customise your Macbook with this free bundle of Dynamic Wallpapers from Sony's Ghost of Tsushima (PS5 Edition)

Mosaic Design System

Pantone-inspired Design System, to experiment a design system creation, which also powered this portfolio as well.

Project Management Template

The template provided free of charge is tailored for people who freelance, pursue hobbies, or work on personal projects during their spare time.

Resume Creator Template

The template provided free of charge for everyone who needs help figuring out where to start to create a resume that can easily pass ATS.

..and more awesome projects

There are other projects that showcase my diverse skillset.
You can view them on the projects page.

Articles & Blogs

These are the collections of my articles and blogs that I've written over the years. The content ranges from, Design articles to Game UX reviews to writing about random things.

.and more articles like these, available on my Medium profile

Case Studies

These are available design studies for the work I've done these past few years. Some are available for public and some are hidden under restricted access.

Image of new test platform in collage format.

Test Platform 2.0

Redesign of the Test-taking platform to solve the usability problems and create better experiences amog the personas involved.

SmartADC Platform

Creation of a new Virtual ADC Platform which enables ADCs to be conducted online from anywhere in the world.

SpaceNest AR

SpaceNest AR is an AR-enabled application that lets you explore our solar system and learn about all planets.

YouTube Music

Through this study, I showcased a logical enhancement using the app's algorithm to improve the user experience.

UI & Mockups

Mockups showcased below are snippets from live projects - Organisation & freelance work, that I've created over the year.
Tools such as Figma, Adobe XD and Zeplin are used in creation.

3D Renders

Images showcased below are the 3D renders that I have created using Industry - standard tools such as Blender, Unreal Engine and other related tools.

..and more renders like these, available on my Artstation profile